International Students and Volunteers Signup Form

    Policies and Work Information

    Dress Code:
    When choosing your attire, please be mindful of this cultural norm. While representing proVISION ASIA, your clothing should cover your shoulders, cleavage, and knees. It is recommended that both men and women avoid wearing clothing that is too revealing or excessively tight. For women, it's advisable to wear longer skirts or dresses and tops with sleeves. For men, full-length trousers and shirts with sleeves are considered appropriate. Depending on your assigned tasks, you may be required to wear specific safety attire or equipment. Please follow all safety guidelines provided by your supervisor.

    Cultural Sensitivity:
    While working with us, you may have the opportunity to interact with people from various backgrounds and communities. It's important to be respectful and sensitive to cultural differences. For instance, it is customary to remove your shoes before entering someone's home. Please follow these customs when visiting local households.

    Direct gifting to and from beneficiaries or other stakeholders, regardless of the item's value, is strictly prohibited both on and off our work premises. A 'gift' in this context includes monetary contributions, as well as items such as pens, hats, t-shirts, mugs, calendars, bags, key chains, portfolios, and any other items, regardless of their value. If you wish to provide support in any form, we kindly request that you inform your immediate supervisor so that we can assist you in finding more appropriate and effective ways to do so.

    When photographing children or vulnerable groups, extra care is required. Obtain the necessary consent from parents or guardians and ensure that the images are used in a responsible and respectful manner.
    If you plan to share your photos on social media or other platforms, please ensure that you have obtained permission from the management.

    Work hours:
    proVISION ASIA centre is open Mondays- Fridays, 9:30am-5:30pm. Specific work hours and schedules for you will be discussed upon your arrival by your supervisor.

    Child protection policy and POSH:
    You adhere to policies and etiquette prescribed by proVISION ASIA such as the child protection policy and prevention against sexual harassment policy (refer to policies shared separately)

    Terms and Conditions

    You confirm that the information provided in this form is true.

    You understand and agree that there may be risks involved with performing volunteer activities and agree to perform volunteer activities in a safe manner and ensure that your volunteer activities do not put yourself or others at risk.

    You agree to cooperate with proVISION ASIA in any matter or activity undertaken to ensure safety.

    You accept that your appointment will be without any form of financial remuneration.

    As a volunteer, you shall accept whatever responsibility is assigned to you in appropriate manner as expected of a professional by being punctual and diligent.

    If you're not able to attend to your duties due to any reason, you will inform your immediate supervisor about it. Leave of absence must be notified by one day prior notice or in emergency cases, prior to reporting time.

    Important information regarding the stakeholders, beneficiairies etc. shall be confidential.

    You acknowledge and accept your responsibility to safeguard your personal property (including in the way of bags, phones, laptops, therapy equipment, stationary, purses, jewellery, and money) located at proVISION ASIA premises.

    proVISION ASIA reserves the right to terminate your services at its discretion with immediate effect in the event of the breach of any of these terms and conditions by you or in the event of any misconduct by you.

    Documents Required

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